Karen Cherry


Karen Cherry is a graduate of St. Thomas University Law School and holds a BA degree in Organizational Leadership & Group Communications from Trinity International University.

She is co-owner of Refresh Live, A Food/Education & Lifestyle Company and Bring Organics Back, A Personal Chef Service which were both formed around her work combating economic inequality and social justice issues. Karen is wife to Chef Chad Cherry and the honored mother of three, Kytana (19); Kyrsten (12) & Zyon (3).



Entrepreneur & Consultant

Karen is a serial entrepreneur who managed her first corporation with her father, Frank, at the age of fifteen and owned her first company by seventeen. She gained experience in the non-profit sector working as a community organizer and program manager fighting against inequality and increasing awareness about issues affecting families. She is the Board Vice Chair of the LA Lee YMCA and a member of Communities of Promise Health & Wellness Solution Coalition, which was formed to address various issues affecting community residents in the 33311 area of Fort Lauderdale.
Karen is also the Mentorship Chair for the New Leaders Council-Broward County, a 501(c)(3) that works to recruit, train and promote the progressive political entrepreneurs of tomorrow — trendsetters, elected officials and civically-engaged leaders in business and industry who will shape the future landscape of the country. She is the host of The Roundtable Show, which she uses as a platform to discuss her work in the community with others who are involved in making history as well. Her mission in life is to give hope and opportunity to individuals and communities.


In Her Own Words

Karen’s work, in her own words:

“When my husband and I started our business, we knew that we wanted to combat food insecurity and improve access to healthier options. What we found were a set of ineffective business models that were created to address the same issues, in an isolated fashion. Community gardens, organic food stores, grocery stores, restaurants, non-profits etc. We created Refresh Live to be the model that looks at the gaps in service and orchestrates the solution. We may not be the ones who do the job, we are the ones who figure out what job needs to be done and puts the people in place who are already doing the work.

In Her Own Words

My husband and I created Refresh Live to address the needs of various communities dealing with access to healthy food, creating solutions to garden-to-table issues and economic security for struggling communities. We started a culinary internship program that teaches soft skills to youth ages 14-21 and pairs them with jobs from one of our many private/non-profit partners in the community. I work with various youth organizations to teach the skills that can help youth who are transitioning out of the system (foster care, DJJ etc.). My focus is to teach people how to create jobs and economic security using the same method that will allow them to put food on the table.”