“Nourishing the Soul of the Community.”

Refresh Live Foundation is a newly-formed non-profit organization that’s dedicated to providing Farm-to-Table and Organic lifestyle community education and development programs and initiatives.

We are hyper-focused on developing community education and empowerment programs to combat food disparity, address food deserts, and bring farm-to-table and organic lifestyle to income-challenged areas.

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We want to be the world’s leader in the fight against food deserts, food disparity, and food insecurity.

Creating Healthier Communities

Chef Chad and Karen have both witnessed how many communities suffer because of food inequality, and their Refresh Live Café has been a force for healthy eating and community outreach. Now, the Refresh Live Foundation continues and formalizes those efforts, by providing community resources and support.


Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Programs

The Refresh Live Foundation creates and sponsors Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Programs for young adults aged 14 – 21.  Our programs give youth from all walks of life the opportunity to learn directly from Small Business Owners in the South Florida area.  Our “Intern Army”, as they are affectionately called, gets a mixture of hands-on Business, Culinary, Organic Farming, Professional Etiquette, and Hospitality training that prepares them for any career path they desire.  Our training also puts focus on healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime.


The Megaphone

The Megaphone is a converted shipping container generously sponsored by one of our community partners.  It’s called the Megaphone because its purpose is to amplify the voice of the community!  It’s located in the heart of the Sistrunk Corridor, and serves as a community meeting place, activities and exercise area – it even has a fold-down stage.  The Refresh live team can be found there in the afternoons, and for special events, serving delicious, all-natural smoothies and healthy after-school snacks for the neighborhood kids.  Stop by any time.


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