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Refresh Live is a Food, Education, & Lifestyle company, dedicated to refreshing people’s relationship, knowledge, and experience with healthier food.  We believe that food is a common connector, which brings people and cultures together.  Individual, Family, and Community victories can be won the dinner table!  Our passion is to educate, inspire, and share our story.  We change the world, one delicious meal at a time.


How We Serve


Farm-to-Table and Organic lifestyle community education.

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Food Programs

programs to combat food disparity in income-challenged neighborhoods.

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Young-Adult Entrepreneurship Apprentice Programs.

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Culinary and Catering support for non-profit organizations.

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Cooking Demos, Classes, & Workshops

Add a fun, lively Cooking Demonstration, Workshop, or Class to your next Community, Corporate, or Private Event!  Our experienced chefs will prepare or instruct on healthy, delicious meals for your guests or employees!.

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“Nourishing the Soul of the Community.”

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Refresh Live Foundation is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to providing Farm-to-Table and Organic lifestyle community education and development programs and initiatives.  We are hyper-focused on “Nourishing the Soul of the Community”, by developing community education and empowerment programs to combat food disparity, address food deserts, and bring farm-to-table and organic lifestyle to income-challenged areas.

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